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The Isegrim Story

The wolf – called “Isegrim” in German lore – who figures in our ancestors’ folktales is a master of adaptation, from the cold steppes to the forests of Europe to the deserts of Central Asia. The wolf has the unusual gift of finding in each habitat just what he needs to be strong and independent. From the rich resources of his territory, he instinctively takes what is best for him and his pack.

Dogs have inherited this natural variety of foods from the wolf – like him, they are wild as nature. Wolves and dogs share many traits, and dogs benefit greatly in health and flavour from eating the way wolves do. isegrim® is a full-nutrition dry food containing the best nature has to offer, in a combination inspired by the lifeways of the wolf – a high proportion of fresh meat, lots of vegetables, plus berries and wild herbs. High quality ingredients with invigorating nutrients, vitamins and oils that are right for dogs’ metabolism and immune systems. The quality ingredients in isegrim® underscore the natural feeding that dogs love. A food concept that takes dogs back to their roots and is attuned to the instincts of their forebears. For an active, species-appropriate life. isegrim® – wild as nature.


isegrim Roots

isegrim® Roots provides the original diet of the ancestor of all dogs – the wolf, offering unparalleled flavour thanks to natural ingredients. A high meat content of 70%, combined with vitamin-rich vegetables, nutritious oils and select wild herbs. - Grain-free - Now in a convenient pouch

isegrim® — wild as nature