About us

isegrim® super-premium food – a new level of pet food!

The dog originated from the wolf and evolved as a hunter – his jaw, teeth and digestive system show that he is still a carnivore. This is the reason why isegrim® provides the perfect nutrition for your dog — a meat based nourishment which is rich in animal protein and fat!

  • Only high quality, natural ingredients
  • High content of fresh meat

Biologically appropriate

isegrim® features the highest fresh meat inclusions of wet and dry dog food!
Its Biologically Appropriate ratio:

  • in wet food of 92% meat & broth / 8 % fruits, vegetables & wild herbs / 0% grain
  • in dry food 92% meat & vegetables / 8% fruits & wild herbs / 0% grain

Positive aspects of isegrim® pet food:

  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • No reconstructed meat-chunks
  • No formed meat
  • No preservatives
  • No grain
  • No bones
  • No sugar
  • No soya

Wild Herbs Guide

  • [Natural Dandelion]

    Natural Dandelion:

    Provides lots of Vitamins like Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Additional Dandelion contains digestive dietary fiber and antioxidants.

  • [Natural Chamomile]

    Natural Chamomile:

    Is pleasant to the stomach and gastro intestinal system, Chamomile can also reduce stress and relaxing.

  • [Natural Plantain]

    Natural Plantain:

    As a medicinal plant well known, Plantain can mitigate Gastro Intestinal problems and can support healthy air passages.

  • [Natural Rosemary]

    Natural Rosemary:

    Contains essential oils which can stimulate circulatory and operate positive to immune system.

  • [Natural Yarrow]

    Natural Yarrow:

    Yarrow contains compounds which can be relaxing and anticonvulsant for the dog.

  • [Natural Parsley]

    Natural Parsley:

    Is rich in Vitamins, which can support a healthy bone structure and provides lots of major vitamins & minerals like magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. Additionally it can reduce risk of arise kidney stones.

  • [Natural Psyllium]

    Natural Psyllium:

    Stimulates the bowel function and is well known for its laxative effect.

  • [Natural Marigold]

    Natural Marigold:

    Essential oils in Marigold can be antiphlogistic and anticonvulsant, additional it can support healthy digestive organs like biliary and liver.

  • [Natural Yucca]

    Natural Yucca:

    Is very good digestible and contains lots of valuable nutrients like Vitamins, Minerals and dietary fiber. Yucca is well known for its preventive effect against Arthritis.

isegrim® — wild as nature