Wild boar + Potato, Pumpkin & Wild Herb


Wild boar + Potato, Pumpkin & Wild Herb

isegrim® Junior Wild Boar consists of high-quality animal protein from two sources: fresh wild boar and offal such as heart, liver and lungs. The recipe boasts 64% fresh wild boar meat combined with potato and pumpkin for a delicious and nutritious meal for your young dog. A balanced mix of vitamins and minerals such as calcium supports growth and provides the ideal building blocks for a healthy lifestyle.


Feeding guide:

Feed daily per 20 kg body weight approx. 1 tin. This information is for guidance only. Please feed at room temperature and provide always fresh drinking water.


64% Wild Boar, 28% Broth, 3,7% Potato, 3% Pumpkin, 1% Minerals, 0,2% Linseed Oil, 0,1% Wild Herbs

Analytical constituents:

Protein 10,6%, fat content 6,6%, crude ash 2,2%, crude fibre 0,5%, moisture 75%.

Nutritional additives per kg

Vitamine D3 200 IE/IU, Zinc 25 mg, Manganese 1,4 mg, Copper 0,5 mg, Iodine 0,75 mg.

isegrim® — wild as nature